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8’ x 20’ CNC Burning Table
1/2" x 10’ Shear

3/8" x 12’ Hydraulic Press Brake

90 Ton Iron Working

16" Band Saw

Abrasive Cut Off Saw

Radial Drill Press

Plasma Arc

Track Torch Cutting Equipment

600 AMP Power Source/Intershield Guns

600 lb Sandblasting Pot with Equipment

1/2" x 10’ Plate Roll Conical Forming Fixtures

Up to 500 AMP AC/DC Welding Machines
300 AMP M.I.G. With Aluminum Gun

300 AMP M.I.G. & T.I.G.

5 Ton Over Head Crane System

6,000 and 11,000 lb Fork Truck
Painting and Spraying Equipment

Auto CAD 2D and 3D Piping Software


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